Group Members

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Will Pearse

I develop methods to understand how species’ evolution affects their ecology, in the hope of making better conservation decisions.


Amanda Gallinat

I study the effects of environmental change on community interactions and phenology.

Tom Smith

I’m a microbial ecologist, broadly interested in how organisms, populations and communities respond and adapt to changing environments.

PhD Students

Elizabeth Simpson

I study the ecological and evolutionary dynamics between and within species across physical gradients, like elevation, and in response to changing climate patterns.
email: <>

Michael Stemkovski

ecology, modeling phenology and population dynamics, and predicting the effects of climate change using computational methods.

Sylvia Kinosian

My research examines different species of water sprite ferns, and I am producing the first monographic revision of their genus based on molecular markers.

MSc Students

Austin Koontz

My research is centered around species delimitation genetics, and the usage of phylogenetic and molecular techniques to determine species boundaries.

Undergraduate students

Mark Sneddon

I am an electrical engineering major who’s interested in applying his mathematical skills to understand how populations of animals and plants are threatened across the globe.
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Jake Stachewicz

I study morphology of beetles, and hopes to find a correlation between morphological evolution, clade diversification rate, and spatial distribution.
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Katie Weglarz

I am an entomologist who is broadly interested in interplay between species interactions, biodiversity, and evolution, and in issues related to broadening participation in STEM and higher education.