Join the lab!

We are always looking for undergraduate students looking to get research experience (and research credit), graduate students interested in getting an MSc or PhD, or post-docs interested in applying for funding to join the lab. The lab is located at Imperial College London (UK), at the beautiful Silwood Park campus. The campus offers wonderful views for a hike on your lunch break, plenty of space for experiments, and is close to a train station to allow you to pop into London if you fancy.

The lab is a team, and we work together to collect, analyze, and understand biodiversity data. Whatever your experience, major, background, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sexuality, or disability, please consider joining us.

Undergraduate positions

Carrying out research is the best part of being a scientist, and if you’re in any way interested in biology then consider joining the lab! We don’t mind how experienced you are in biology (or science in general), but rather how enthusiastic and dedicated you are. If you join the lab, you will be carrying out real research that could lead to publications. Several other undergraduates in the lab have published papers as a result of their work, and once you have been with the lab for a little while you may have the opportunity to join in with lab meetings.

If you’re interested in joining the lab, email Dr Pearse describing what sort of work you’d be interested in doing (fieldwork, computer work, or something else!), what interests you about the work we do (take a look on this site for inspiration), and a copy of your CV. We don’t care about your grades: as long as you’re passionate, and we can trust you to try hard (everyone makes mistakes sometimes!), you’ll fit right in.

Potential MSc students

We are an inter-disciplinary lab, studying the interactions between community ecology and evolutionary biology using cutting-edge statistical techniques. We are always looking for people with experience in community ecology, evolutionary biology, bioinformatics, or any of the research areas that we explore. We have a list of ready-to-go projects available on the department’s website, but if you have an idea you’d like to discuss please just reach out. If you are interested in working with us, please send Will an email, outlining (briefly) why you are interested in joining the lab, and with a copy of your CV.

Potential PhD students

We currently have a position open so please apply for that! Will is always interested in discussing potential projects and sources of funding with interested students; if you’re interested in working in the lab please send Will an email, outlining (briefly) why you are interested in joining the lab, and with a copy of your CV. You may find this list of potential PhD funding sources in the department useful.

Potential post-docs

Right now we don’t have any post-doc funding, but if you would be interested in a position in the future please send Will an email. If you’re interested in writing a fellowship proposal to join the lab, such as an NSF post-doc or NERC Fellowship, then please get in touch and let’s talk!